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Princess Sparkle
6 February 1983
SF, California, United States
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1950s, 40's and 50's fashion, 50's fashion, 80's cartoons, acting, andy warhol, animals, art, art deco, asian horror, astrology, atomic era, baking, belle and sebastian, betty and veronica, biographies, black cats, board games, books, booze, burlesque, burlesque shows, candyland, cats, chalkware, cheesecake photography, chinese propaganda art, chinese propaganda posters, classic cars, collecting vintage plates, comic books, cooking, cosmetics, crinoline, cuban heeled stockings, cucumber vodka martinis, cult classics, dancing, diamonds, disneyland, dita von teese, dive bars, dolly parton, downloading music, dwarf hotot rabbits, elvis, elvis and scilla, elvis weddings, fag haggery, fancy goldfish, fashion, first wave ska, foul language, friends, garters, golden gate park, gorey art, gossip magazines, gothabilly, graphic novels, guiness, halloween, hawaiiana, head vases, hellbilly, high end cosmetics, home decorating, horror movies, hosting parties, hot rods, indie films, indie music, industrial music, inside jokes, internet fuckery, johnny and june carter-cash, kitsch, las vegas, liquid liner, lolita, loretta lynn, lounges, love, marty robbins, mary blair art, memes, morrissey, movies, music, musicals, new wave, old movies, pabst blue ribbon, painting, paranormal, patsy cline, philosophy, photography, pin up girls, pin ups, pit bulls, poetry, pomeranians, psychobilly, reading, real talk, reality trash tv, red lipstick, religious art, religious tattoos, retro hair styles, road trips, rockabilly, route 66, sailor jerry, san francisco, sandman, serial killers, sewing patterns, sex, shag art, shopping, spoontonic, tarot cards, tattooing, the clash, the endless, the rat pack, the smiths, theater, thrift stores, tiki culture, traditional tattoos, travel, traveling, true crime, vegas, vintage clothing, vintage comics, vintage disneyland, vintage furniture, vintage homes, vintage sewing patterns, viva las vegas, writing, your mom

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